Crack GMAT with 780 scorer

GMAT is not about hardcore quants or verbal. GMAT is all about understanding patterns. Once you experience that it becomes easier to understand techniques and implement them.

Actionable Training

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Interesting Quizzes

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We don't crowd our batches

Offline batches have a maximum of 10 students and online classes have maximum of 5 students. This is the optimum batch size for best results.

We don't club students at different levels of preparations

We organise students according to their current levels. This is our biggest learning from years of mentoring. We conduct batches of at least two different levels which can be extended to more levels if required and promised.

What Our Students Have to Say

Mohit helped me when I stagnated at 680. And his brainstorming sessions during application essays were just awesome.
Ravi Agarwal
Insead France, 760
I had big phobia for maths. The way Mohit made me think about concepts and monitored my progress, I could crack 49 in maths in 3 months.
Rakhi Goyal
ISB, 710
Well, Mohit will make it simple and systematic for you. You will experience your progress yourself. During application, I was hell bent on top 3 only. He made me understand the nuances.
Dipankar Biswas
Kellogg's, 750
I struggled a lot with RC and SC. Mohit changed the whole approach and asked for 3 months. I took the chance and finally got 41 in verbal. Application was a breeze for him. I think he just loves going through essays.
Jack Brownn
Booth, 730