Get trained by 780 scorer

To crack a highly structured test such as GMAT, one needs to understand the skills that the test makers want to check

Small batches

It is almost impossible to have the kind of focus required when a lot of people are sitting in a live session. For this, we restrict the number of students in a batch to 5.

Organized content

Our biggest strength is well organized content. It is designed in terms of topics and difficulty level. This helps achieve the right kind of progression needed.

College application

While a great GMAT score is a must, a strong application can make or break admission chances. This is the reason why we take applications so seriously and convert average looking profiles into quite compelling ones.

What Our Students Have to Say

Lucky to have chosen to prepare with Mohit. He has really great insights into making a great application. A score of 770 and full scholarship at USC Marshall. What else one could ask for.
Arzoo Anand, 770
My biggest fear was quant section. I had to go through a lot of questions to finally get a good score. The way questions were arranged helped me progress really fast.
Shivangi Grover, 770
Preparing for GMAT was super easy with Mohit. He knows what exactly works with a student. Finally it was great to see the score and the admit eventually.
Tarun, 760
Preparing for GMAT was difficult for me as I was away from studies for a long time, having worked for over 10 years. The personalized plan made by Mohit helped a lot.
Rajan Mehta, 750